Aim Hunter
Aim Hunter
  • online
  • 29 May 2021 21:00 PM

About the tournament

Hello Agents and WELCOME to out brand new event!

What is AIM Hunter Tournament? Well this is a single player challange where everybody will play deathmatch games and of course the target is to win the game but it is also important to collect as much kill as possible!

The torunament is open to ONLY 30 PLAYERS as for the first edition of this tournament we will guarantee the streaming of all matches!
Live Streaming will be done on our Twitch Channel and VOD will be added on Youtube Channel as well.

For this tournament the registration fee is 1£, in the file attached there is the full guide "How to register" but if you need more info or support please contact us on our discord server

Prizepool is 15£ for the winner, 2.000 Faceit point for second place, 1.000 Faceit point for third place

For rules and registration we made this easy document:


  • 30 Teams
    Round robin
  • 3 Groups
    0 Players
  • Prize pool
    £ 15 GBP

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